working in MAYBANK
Thursday, March 26, 2015 | 0 kaus kaki ketinggalan
Ok. It's just suddenly I have the urge to blog something to vent off my displease with this freaking customer. Who came in with a 17000 dollars cheque for his company? I don't even know if that is his company. If it's his, I really do hope it closes down and collapses.

This guy desposited the cheque and asked me about fund transfer. I told him there's FAST transfer and normal transfer. 2 different platforms, 2 different kind of transfer. Yes, FAST transfer is free and can transfer 10000 bucks limitedly. And that's for per day. And normal transfer is chargeable if not to the same bank. And this is chargeable if it is immediately transferred. So set 1 day later to do the transfer. And it will be free.

Then, this stupid customer, who is so stupidly stupid, didn't understand. He asked me to check the Internet on this info because he said he read from the web. He said my information is wrong. Like, do you know the bank or do I know the bank. I work here. You don't. I told him if he does do the transaction over the counter it's 20 bucks charges. Not Internet banking. What kind of stupid mind of his can't understand such simple words. He even said he confirmed 3 fucking times that if he use Internet transfer its 20 bucks charge. He became turned nasty and said I gave the wrong information, wanting to see my manager. I just say you want to see it, fine, you get to see then.

I mean like. What the fuck? If Internet transfer costs the same as doing over the counter, by queuing up so that you can pay the same charges, then don't come to the counter. Just do the damn transfer online! Fucking retarded tweeny brain.

So I read through properly a little bit on FAST transfer on Maybank's website. And I saw another thing. FAST transfer is chargeable 20 cents for each transaction if it's business banking.

Guess what my manager said? She said customer is enquiring about business Internet banking and not individual. Ohhhh. So I have explain about the individual that confuses you, you stupid customer. And isn't it obvious that FAST transfer charges you when it was stated on the website? Then what are you fucking inquiring on? Some brain retarded dick head.

Asking the stupid questions when you don't even understand and said that I don't. Get your facts right man.

Saying that I'm impatient because the clothing you wore? Oh my god. I don't disrepect beggars but I feel you are not worth with any form of respect.

Worse then the pile of dog poop.


If my manager is gonna bring up this issue tomorrow. I am prepared.

Complain all you want. Even the management. I really don't fucking care. Cause there's this Weelee bitch who is so proud of her position. That pussy whore face.

Suck my cock bitch!

1 SIR. A new journey. A new tour.
Saturday, July 20, 2013 | 0 kaus kaki ketinggalan
I think by now everyone should know that i am posted to 1 SIR.
Yes. Training is shit.
I hate it.

I hate that the fact i'm in there.
But its the truth.
It wont change and i can't get the hell out.

Its man die hell camp.
It sucks.
The only PR in Charlie that was selected to be there.


I am really upset.
Equally tired as well.
But I do have friends that cheered me on.

Thanks guys.


Now UIP has ended.
I'm posted to Bravo Coy.
I talked to my 2IC; soon to be OC.

He's very nice guy.
He said he would help me.
But i dont know if it will be true.

I really dont want to be sec comm though.
I cant handle it anymore and i am really really tired.
Both mentally and physically.
Jaded. Thats the word right?


Anyway, off this army topic.


Happy Birthday Freedddieeee GOhh!
And Of course my dear Vanessa YOOOONNNGGGGG too!! ^^


Later got their birthday party and i havent get any shit for them. LOOOOL.
What to do? 어딱햬?

Prelude to the End.
Sunday, June 9, 2013 | 0 kaus kaki ketinggalan
Finally back from Sai Yok Camp, Thailand.
Ex. Crescendo.

I'll be posting what I've been writing during the past 21 days.
I did not write daily, but just some of the days.

It will be freaking long though.
Anyways, lets begin.

150513 (Sat)
Finally touched down on Thailand.
Service and food on the plan was great.
It is extremely hot here.
Even perspire when in air-con room.
First day already kena knock it it down by Adip.
Today prepared everything le.
Like a steady.
Now waiting for day 1/21 to pass.
Need to get SIM card to call mum.
I miss home!

Finally night is here!
Got my SIM card and called my mom.
They were celebrating my granny's birthday!
Can't wait for tomorrow to come!
Gotta go shower!

P/S: No toilet paper is allowed after you shit. It will choke the drainage pipe!

210513 (Tue)
Gonna go for navigation tomorrow!
Hope whatever we do, dont get caught!
Rained for the past 3 days! :D
Not so warm.
Today super hot; scorching sun.
Not able to call mum until the end of this ex.
And in between still got test.
I dont remember how to do liao sia.
Last did it in foundation term sia.
How to remember?
I'll bring some cash out - I dont care, I'mma buy sweets or something.
Hope we dont hor lan.
I'm gonna be helpful if they need help.
So sleepy; not enough sleep every time.
Left with 18 days!

How many days has it been since I last wrote something on this Thailand trip?
It feels like years for the time to pass by.
Yes, we completed NAVEX, ex. Cobra, just last week where we kicked off ex. Centurion immediately.
No rest or anything.
Good thing that we started off with live firing.
I had ample rest time for myself and for my poor injured left heel.
Woah, those 3 days passed by real quick though.
We even got to bathe - though its in the open.
We directly transit into mission mode after the 3rd day.
Alighted at some random busy area and harboured there for a night.
I was still in the GPMG team since live firing.
All the stuffs that I had carried were extremely heavy man.
That William dont even want to help me.
He thinks that his weapon is the heaviest so he dont even bother helping his assistant (me).
The ammo is gum pua heavy.
My back going to break sia.
Cant wait this ex to end sia.
I am really tired of this man.
If count down tor this ex., I am left with 3 days.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday. ):
I really want to go home sia.
Fuck the training and Ronnie seriously.

310513 (Fri)
Finally the approach of this day.
This is crazy man.
Time kinda passes fast and slow at the same time.
Fast as its Friday already, but slow because this ex. still havent end.
I really smell like shit and it stink so bad.
So hungry now. LOL.
And did i say I'm at Khao Meng camp now?
Finally a day to shower.
Shower later, change to a new set and be prepared for move out later @ midnight.
Last mission already before going to CAT term.
Totally cant wait sia.
Good thing it rained today.
It has been so damn hot! WEEEEEEwoooweet.

P/S: I lost my specs. LOL.

010613 (Sat)
For time has come where our last mission is bound to take place before passing out as an infantry soldier.
Counting down to 1 more day.
We shall wait till midnight to come and proceed down to 8km travel to an attack where we called it the final mission.

Anyways, we are habouring at a place where caterpillars are crawling all around.
I took 1 to look into its body.
And yes, I killed one.
However, i do learn much from it and gave it a proper burial.

1. It's head are hard; tougher than its body.
2. Its body is jelly soft.
3. They have 3 pairs of frontal sharp claws. 4 pairs of medial suction cup legs. And a last back pair of adhere legs.
The most hind legs act as the strongest suction property compared to the rest of the other legs.
Medial section are used as movement while frontal are used for grasp.
Of course, they can move forward and backwards without having to turn around.
4.They do defecate like any other living things (except plants). LOL.
5. They spot to mark their territory/tracks? And they do not have eyes or ears.
6. Inside their body: Mucus-like fluids.
Long track of hollow body surrounding this mucus.
Pretty much like human digestive track, but they only have 1 long mucus track to the end.
7.People would say that their blood is green, but i think their blood is transparent.
Because of the leaves they have been eating, the cellulose green pigment of the leaves give it the green colour.
Though whatever they eat is green, their defecate is brown!
8.Inside their head, they have this salivary gland.
It is sticky and I believe that it is used to save them from fall.
Such that it can break the fall at certain height and have a more gentle landing.
9. They parents are smart to lay their eggs on this tree full of sharp and sturdy thorns.
So that birds cant eat heir babies. (:

040613 (Tue)
OMG. I made Kenny angry sia. Apple co stuff if disable only 1 min waiting time ma.
I dont know why its put "connect to Itunes to disable" sia.
So, I was worried.
He became so fed up like it happened to him for the first time.
Played this kind of thing for so many times, and this is the first time this happens.
LOLs. Balls shrink. Okay lah....
I think only certain people can take this kind of thing ba. Wah.
This one disable for 1 min, whet if his ipod disable for 30 mins. LOL!


OMG. so long.
I so sleepy liao. LOL.
Ex. Crescend-o.
Wednesday, May 15, 2013 | 0 kaus kaki ketinggalan

What we have been waiting for.
The end of local exercise training.
The next step will be heading towards overseas training.

To where you said?
Thailand. Super humid, hot, warm, shit, jia lat country.
For holiday, okay la.
For training. OMG. ~_~

But I must survive!
I know I'll get homesick.
I know I will.

But survival.
It comes as an instinct.
Beat that.

Even friend from OCS also jia lat.
OH dear.

I'm gonna fly this Saturday midnight.
Gonna be very tired.
19 days there is gonna be disastrous.
2 days for Rest and Recreation.

What I have been waiting for.
Really cant wait to leave Charlie.
Thursday, May 9, 2013 | 0 kaus kaki ketinggalan

Already May and I haven't been updating. Luul!

The main main things that happened after Ex. Grandslam -- CSB.
Combat Skills Badge, that is what CSB stands for.
We have to complete a series of 'tests' before we are worthy of it.

1. 10km run.
2. Navigation skill.
3. IPPT Silver (minimally).
4. 32km road march.

10km run is nothing lah.
65 mins to complete this run.
Its more than enough time.
I took about 52 mins to finish. LOL.
So okay laaaaaaaaa.

IPPT silver minimally.
Just have to run 2.4km before 11:20, 8 pull ups and jump 225cm.
The rest should be easy bitsy.

Oh, let me tell you.
This is definitely not easy.
The bashing. Wew. Jesus.
For the actual test, good thing I went food hopping with Bolin, Yeongseng, Zhigang and Jianwee.
If not I would definitely be burial-able in lower mundai.
It was not as tired as I went there for practice.
We managed to find 2 day checkpoints and 1 night one.
Day checkpoint gives 20 points each while night 30 points.
Reaching end point within given time limit will be awarded 5 points each.
Passing points: 75.
So yayyyy! 80 points for me! PASSED.
Thank you Leongkwan, Ruzaini, Jasper, Kamil, Jude, Syaiful. (:

32km road march.
This is the most terrible and the worse one.
Started off with Aces test. (Okay, this was far too easy. lOl!)
Followed by 12km march with rest after each 3km.
Then weapon test. GOOD THING I'VE GOT TESTED ON SAR21. LOL. (There were M203 and SAW.)
Followed by 18km march, same thing rest after each 3km.
After that, its river crossing, or watermeship.
We just had to cross this short 10m (distance) river.
By this time, its already 6am in the morning.
Following we marched 2km to the live range and that was the end of the march.
The next thing we had to do is to shoot down 5/10 targets.
Randomly between figure 12 and 15 at 100m, with 1 or 2 targets up at the same time, foxhole supported.
How could you possibly fail right? Hahah!
And yes, I have made it!
Cheers! Good job to Shermann and Joseph!(Y)
To Bolin, Zhigang too! Yeongseng did not take part in 10km run!
Hence, he did not have chance to shoot. ):


By the end of next week, I will be in Thailand, Cresendo, already.
They say the temperature is about 41 degree Celsius now.
Encik Ronnie told us that the highest that it could go is 44 degree Celsius.
Oh my lord. Such temperature. This is crazy.
But 3 weeks and I will be seeing Freddie and Winfred back with me at the same school.
I'm gonna stick so close to them that everyone thought we are Siamese triplets. hahahah!

Oh. I am really missing them!
But after CAT term, we would depart too. ):
Just wanna enjoy the moment with them then.

Guess I shall shower and play pokemon.
LOL. I downloaded Soul Silver.
Good thing its playable. :P
Though it hang once in a while. Damn.

So long!
Grandradous Slamarous
Sunday, April 21, 2013 | 0 kaus kaki ketinggalan
Grandslam. Something I was looking forward to when it did not happen.
Do it once and for all and complete it.
That was what I was thinking before I went through it.

It was the worse field camp ever.
I hated it and it suck.
Learn quite a new few things too.

The first night. The Woodcutters' trail.
Oh my fag god. We marched all the way from somewhere and bashed walked.
Up and down, in the dark... 6 hours. WTF.
Seriously, I did not see that coming.

Anyway, someone shitted in our habour area.
Nobody admitted. And PC was ordered by OC to cover it.
It was really dramatic.
Like something that would only happen in TV.

We just finished our last mission and everyone of us thought it was finally going to end.
And BAM! Marched all the way back to our habour area, past this super steep slope, where we came from.
So, we were punished, to carry all the trash bags that were loaded onto the tonner,
to the exit site. Nice right? With our field pack, section stores, weapons... Everything.
Marched past this DAMN slope again! 3 times. Like straight. I thought I was going to perish.

When we finally reached the destination, we had to everything out to declare.
Guess what? The rain came. Great timing.
And when the declaration ended, with us packing our stuffs into the bag.
Yes. It stopped. Perfect timing.

Reached back the coy line. You bet that we were going to relax ourselves.
Hell no. High kneel. Asked for a particular shit-hole-man who ND-ed.
And yeah. Just like the shit thing. No one admitted.
Thanks a lot. Really. I mean, you should know yourself if you ND right?
It goes bang, and you should know its you!

Whatever. Its all settled now.


Today. An uncle found my wallet in his taxi.
He wanted to return it to me.
He's good right? But he's a little crazy.

I told him: I'm heading to City Hall now. Any place convenient for you that I can go look for you?
He called me and told me he's at Novena, Thompson road.
I said okay. I come look for you.
Then he was complaining that he would have to wait for me.
That is equivalent to not having any customer.
He said, he'll wait. Its okay.
So I was thinking I should just pay him the 7 bucks that has all left in my wallet.
I reached Novena. I called him. And guess WTF happened.

He's at Marina south.
lol? Are you KIDDING ME?!
REALLY!? And he scolded me saying that I dont know how to plan and didnt say things clearly?
UNCLE AH. I want to go Far East Shopping Center after that leh.
I go SMLJ marina gum lan?
Its more convenient to travel Orchard when i'm at Novena right?!

I told him to confirm whatever we said.
For the last time.
He'll go Chinatown, pass it to my family member -- well, thats when my mom comes in.

Finally received the wallet.


Went to watch Judgement Day.
Not bad... Got me kept thinking about future a little...
And you'll only treat it precious until its lost..
You know.


Bought my 3DS games already.
And I cant wait to play.
So. BYE! :D

P/S: Btw, I just got screamed at for singing too loudly. xD so embarrassing!
Sunday, April 14, 2013 | 0 kaus kaki ketinggalan
It's been quite a while since I've blogged.
Has been so long already.

Oh well. Haha.

Let's go with UO first.
Urban operation. It's fun yet tiring.
All activities are tiring lah.
But with all the friends around you, you'll never feel lonely.

You'll have fun with them and enjoy the processes.
It's the best time. :D


The next one I remembered is guard duty.
Oh my fisher. Sunday, 24houra. Wtf.
Iota like an instant knock our when you lie on the bed!


Next, we had our advance train fire.
We had to run 300m and shoot targets.
LOL. And get into different positions.
Its really tiring, but fun, seriously fun.
I totally enjoy this thing.
And just so you know, i did get my marksman. (:
$200 bucks and the badge. OHH YEAH! :D

Not easy. Really not easy.
35/99 of us got it. So, well done Ding. xD


AND finally. Ex. Gypsy.
Its one of the worse exercise I've ever completed.
The heat trapping iLBV. Damn.
I thought I almost grabbed Allah's hand.
LOL. I mean, I thought I'm gonna get physical exhaustion.

I was burning hot and i tried cooling myself.
Fanning so hard at myself, with my range card. lol.

Anyway, we managed to find all the check points! :D
Thanks to the help of sergeant too - 3SG Mezzar.
I finally told him i'm his classmate for jap class. HAH!
He kinda find me familiar so...
Not really important. :O


And the best part: Grand slam.
The hell of all infantry.
Living hell, literally.
Heard from Qizhi its gonna be a midnight to dawn exercise.
And this will last 4D3N. Jesus Christ.

This is gonna be taking place tomorrow.
I hope I will be fine.
I will make it through.
Just man-mode on and no responsibility for me.


Went to watch The Oblivion.
With the same ol' group of friends like Qizhi, Yichun and Jesslow.
Sohardi joined us after her working hours.
^^ Went to SPIZE! wooohoo. Had great pattaya meal. Yummmmmm.
Taste like pork meat. Hahah!


Say byebye.

And this stupid dog of mine - Milo.
Hahaha! Hope he will be toilet trained soon!
My family - stupid - dont have time still want to feed dog. -_-"

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